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Even though various webfont services are available for English texts, such as google webfonts, creating a Chinese webfont service is an enormous challenge, considering the file sizes of Chinese fonts are quite large. But we have exceeded all imaginations to create a Chinese webfont service which boasts the same service speed as English webfonts.
Besides utilizing dynamic sub-setting which effectively shrinks Chinese fonts, we pursue paramount perfection in every presented detail, offering you incredible instantaneous display.

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Use real Chinese fonts on webpages to increase SEO ranking.

In the past, websites chinese texts must to transform into images when they wanted to use fonts, but images information cannot be identified by search engines. Now, justfont has overcome such limitations on Chinese fonts and enables you to show actual “fonts” on webpages and add various labels to your mark up language, advancing your ranking in leaps and bounds! Still using image? Experience the charm of webfont now with our one month free trial! !

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We are dedicated to the promotion of typography knowledge and community.

We believed that the promotion of typography is necessary and crucial, a mission needs to be undertaken and continuously implemented, and it’ll start from us. Welcome to like and follow our Facebook and attend our monthly gatherings for justfont fans and font lovers. Also we recommend you to join Facebook group “Enjoy fonts” to discuss and interact with fellow font fans. Every six months we invite renowned lecturers from home and abroad to help promote and enhance the concept of Chinese typography in Taiwan.

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Web Design is 95% Typography.

95% of Web Design is related to typography. We are dedicated to designing good web pages to offer pleasant good reading experiences for users. We have been sharing professional typography knowledge and posted many fascinating articles on justfont blog. We sincerely invite you to use quality fonts, experience the fun and realize the power of Chinese web typography.

justfont Blog

Premium quality Heiti font

XinGothic is the Chinese typeface specifically designed for digital screen. Every weight has been repeatedly adjusted and tested on the screen to achieve the best visual effect and balance. XinGothic’s structure is based on the proportion and structure of traditional Chinese Kaiti font, and every character expands from the central point outward, so its central structure is tight while the outlying parts are loose. The distance between each character is adequate and outer frame of each character is protruded, offering easy recognition and high readability, particularly visible for content typography. Its typeface meets the reading habit of Chinese readers: not only can it be used for content texts, its delicate elegance is also suitable for all kinds of designs.


Warm restored antique book fonts

Having noticed the lack of fonts that emanate human warmth in the Chinese environment, Mr. En Young Way started the font digitization project ten years ago. Unlike most type foundries which create typefaces by combining strokes together to produce very consistent fonts that lack the touch of old text, Mr. En modified the fonts in selected old documents from Chekiang region and transformed them into a digital typeface. Named as “Chekiang Shu Ke Sung”, it has become the premium restored antique font. The project began in 2007, focusing on preserving the spirit of the old texts instead merely imitating its form. As a result, Chekiang Shu Ke Sung font differs from computer fonts, which are characterized by balanced and even strokes, with the former more suitable for title and vertical setting.

Source Han Sans (7 weights)

Source Han Sans, available in seven weights, is an open source CJK font family which provides full support for both Traditional and Simplified Chinese. Each weight contains 65,535 glyphs; therefore, font size would occupy more then 16M. Such size will need to be largely optimized for web.
justfont applies dynamic sub-setting to significantly reduce font size. You can now apply Source Han San on your sites via justfont.

The latest fashion trends in VOGUE Taiwan 2015 global evenings. Used Noto Sans Chinese font.
GQ is definitive men's magazine focus on Men's Fashion and Style News.
The Nielsen Corporation
The Nielsen Corporation, a well-known global market research and marketing firm which operates in more than 100 countries, uses justfont services and XinGothic for both of its traditional and simplified Chinese websites.
Gogoro is enabling the transformation of megacities into smart cities, is working toward a better future by putting power in the hands of everyone – to move us all forward, faster.
AppWorks Ventures
Selected 'Futura' font for English texts while 'XinGothic' font is used for the Chinese title. His design is bold in adopting the center and symmetrical layout design, suitable for viewing on the most monitors and devices.
Taiwan Design Center
The official website for the 2014 Young Designer’s Exhibition, whose content texts uses XinGothic W3 matching the titles in XinGothic W6.
Many bold contrasts of yellow and black are used on the website, while the distances between each block are minimized to create lively atmosphere of music. Using 'XinGothic' for title helps to highlight the focus in all this exiting visual effects, allowing viewers to feel the rock and roll sensation of music in one glance.